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How To Prevent Frozen Water Pipes During The Winter

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Learn how to prevent your pipes from freezing during the winter.

We are a couple of weeks from November which means winter is slowly on its way and it will start to get more and more frigid outside.  The last thing you want to deal with this winter are pipes in your home freezing leading costly water damage.  It is crucial to know the areas in your home where pipes are susceptible to freezing such as the outside, unheated interiors like your basement, or in uninsulated walls.  The key is to the areas of your home where pipes are at risk to freeze and how to prevent a potential disaster promptly.  

Start Outside

When going through the necessary steps to prevent frozen pipes, you should start outside your home and check your exterior pipe systems.  It is extremely critical to disconnect and drain all of your hoses and store them in a safe location during the winter.  If your hose system is connected throughout the winter, the water in the hose can expand causing an interior pipe to burst.  No one wants to deal with severe water damage and busted pipe because they forgot to roll up their hose for the winter.

Check Unheated Areas

Every homeowner should be aware of the unheated sections of their home which usually includes the attic, garage, and any crawl space.  It is vital that you insulate all the water pipes in these areas to prevent severe water damage.  Foam insulation is perfect for moderately cold climate, but you should invest in thermostatically controlled heat tape which will turn on when exposed to a specific minimum temperature.  

Avoid A Disaster When You’re Away

If you happen to be away from your home for an extended period of time, you don’t want to come home to your basement flooded, and your pipes busted.  Before you leave your home, keep the heat on in your home and do not set the temperature lower than 55 degrees.  Make sure to shut off the main water supply and right after open all your faucets to drain your water system.  

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