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Where to Look for Mold

mold remediation

There are a few places you need to look for mold in order to determine if you need mold remediation.

It’s something that you never want to think about lurking in your home, behind wallpaper or underneath your bathroom tiles. It’s something that requires very little to grow and flourish underneath your nose. Even worse, it’s something that can require thousands of dollars to remove. What are we talking about? Mold! If you are concerned that you have a mold problem and are in need of mold remediation, here are some of the places to check your home for mold.

Extra Rooms

Do you have any rooms in your house that you don’t typically use? If you have a guest room or extra room that is typically heated but not really utilized, it might be a breeding ground for mold. Warmth combined with moisture and a lack of airflow can stimulate mildew and mold and affect the air quality in your entire home. Instead of closing off the registers and vents in the room, just leave them open and try to utilize the room.

Your Deck or Porch

Outdoor mold can take hold on the surface of your porch or deck, even if you have mold-resistant composite decking. The surface of the deck collects yard debris that serves as food for mold spores. If you have planters on your deck, make sure that the water that drains off of them doesn’t drip or accumulate on the surface of the deck. If you have gutters that surround your roof above the deck, again, make sure that the water they are draining does not drip or accumulate on the surface of the deck.

Your Appliances

This one might surprise you, but household appliances can easily and quickly accumulate mold, especially ones that get heavy use. Dishwashers and washing machines can both grow mold if conditions are right. More obvious appliances, like humidifiers, can also cause you to need mold remediation if they run consistently without cleaning.

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