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Fire Damage Restoration: 5 Steps to Restoring Your Space

fire damage restoration baltimore mdDealing with the aftermath of a fire is difficult and overwhelming for property owners, and with so much to do it’s hard to know where to start. Once everyone on the property is safe, whether that’s a home, business, or other structure, you can start the restoration process. ServiceMaster of Baltimore offers smoke and fire damage restoration services for both residential and commercial customers.

Learn more about what to do to restore your property after a fire safely, quickly, and effectively.

1. Contact A Fire Damage Restoration Service

Once the fire is out, contact a smoke and fire damage restoration service. In addition to fire reducing your belongings to an unusable state, you’ll need to deal with smoke and water damage from putting the fire out.

Smoke often causes more damage than the fire itself, and it’s important to thoroughly clean the affected areas. Handling a job like this is not recommended, as smoke damage can cause health problems and is difficult to remove without industrial cleaners. A fire damage restoration service can advice you on what can be salvaged and work to clean your home or business quickly and thoroughly.

2. Start The Clean-Up Process

While you shouldn’t try to clean smoke damage yourself, you can still start cleaning up other damage. Move all of your damaged property to one place, and discard items that are beyond repair. This helps the professionals when they are doing an estimate on what needs to be done.

3. Don’t Use Electrical Appliances

While you might not see a lot of damage, there could still be damage to the building’s infrastructure. This is especially important in an electrical fire. In many cases, electrical wires are damaged in a fire due to the intense heat and water damage. Using appliances may result in another fire, so don’t use them until a professional has assessed the damage.

4. File An Insurance Claim

Insurance policies are there for a reason. Filing a claim as soon as damage has occurred helps both you and the insurance company evaluate the cost of the damage and work quickly to begin the restoration process. As frustrating as dealing with insurance policies can be, taking an accurate, detailed assessment of the property damage will help you restore your space and return to normal faster.

5. Don’t Throw Everything Away

It’s normal to want to throw away everything that appears damaged immediately after the fire. While it may feel overwhelming or impossible, some items may be able to be fully restored. Also, insurance claims adjusters must inspect everything that was damaged, and getting rid of items before the situation is evaluated may reduce how much you’re able to have restored.

Fire Damage Restoration in Baltimore, MD

ServiceMaster has been a community partner for over 60 years helping families and business owners restore their properties after fire damage. We can restore and reconstruct your space to help you get back to normal life as quickly as possible, managing the process from start to finish.

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