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Winter Chores: The Calm before the Storm


walking-in-snowWinter has been good to the Mid-Atlantic so far. We can’t say that for the Northeast, which has had an average snow depth of 9.9 inch, snow has been on the ground in the Northeast for much of this winter. There are about six to seven weeks left in our winter season. We will get accumulating snow fall before spring, so the question is, “Are you Ready?”

There are several things homeowners can due to prepare for winter storms.

Keep pipes from freezing. Learn where your water shut-off valve is located. To protect your pipes, wrap them in insulation, and run your faucets to a slow drip during really cold weather.

Make sure your home is winterized. You can clean rain gutter (this prevents ‘ice damming’).

Keep the heat. Make sure you have sufficient heat for your home. During storms your regular source of heat can be cut off. You should always have emergency heating and power equipment available (Please follow all Federal, State, and local regulations on proper use of equipment).

Where is my emergency kit? Always have a list of supplies, and stock them for emergencies. For example, batteries, flashlights, any prescriptions, chargers, mobile phones, blankets, dry food, water, and emergency numbers. All should be prepared and in a convenient place before a storm hits.

Communications. Develop a plan for communications.  Inevitably family members can become separated due to work, school or other commitments. Have a plan for getting back together. Make sure vehicles are in good condition, fueled, a have an emergency kit in each.

Though we can prevent winter storms, we can take steps to keep all family members save during a winter storm.

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