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Will a Sprinkler System Cause Water Damage?

sprinkler system water damage

Sprinkler systems can help fight fires, but they will leave a mark.

If you live in a newer home or apartment, you’ve probably stared at the ceiling in awe and wondered when it would happen. Those likely spiky, circular things protruding from the ceiling serve a very serious purpose. Sprinkler systems are becoming more prominent in private homes as the technology to control them advances, but many people worry if they’re compound one problem with another by adding water damage to the list of repairs after a fire. The truth is, if you’re lucky there will always be water damage after a fire, and a sprinkler system may help lower the amount of damage, but there will still be damage. Here’s an overview of the different types of sprinkler systems and why you’re going to need a disaster restoration company if your’s ever go off.

Sprinkler System Designs

  • Wet Pipe System: More commonly found in commercial buildings, a wet pipe system is always full of water so it is ready to go the moment there’s a sign of fire. The advantage to this type of system is that it is quick and effective, but there is a downside. Since the pipes are constantly full of water there is a higher chance for freezing or leaking, which can lead to water damage.
  • Dry Pipe System: As the name suggests, a dry pipe system is not constantly full of water, but pressurized air instead. When the system is activated the air has to be pushed out before water fills the pipes and can put out the fire, resulting in response times of up to a full minute. In order to combat the long response time, a high water pressure is used.

An Unfortunate Series of Events

The hard truth is that no matter what, there’s going to be damage to your home. Whether is smoke and fire damage or water damage, there’s going to be some restoration necessary. While a sprinkler system is great for containing fire damage, and the water damage done by a sprinkler system is less than what would happen from a visit by the local fire department, your home isn’t going to be the same after an event like this. The right disaster restoration company will know how to handle both types of damage. Call them, and then call your insurance company.

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