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Why Do I Need a Baltimore Water Damage Company?

If you ever become the unfortunate victim of flooding, a busted pipe, or a backed up toilet, you may think to yourself, “Why Do I Need a Baltimore Water Damage Company?” You may think about doing the work yourself. However, professionals are professionals for a reason. They have the knowledge, experience, and tools to affectively handle your water damage restoration.

Nowadays, homeowners are looking for any way possible to cut back on expenses and save money, from do-it-yourself home repairs to energy efficient appliances and so much more. However, DIY water damage restoration should not be on that list. While you may think water damage restoration is as simple as sucking up the water in a shop vac and using a fan to dry the room, it is not that easy.

  1. Shop vacs will only extract surface water. They are not powerful enough to extract water that has seeped deep into your carpets and the underlying padding. This could lead to mold growth.
  2. Fans will cause minor evaporation. But where does this evaporated water go? If you guessed nowhere, you are right!

Water damage restoration requires the right tools. Commercial vacuums will remove the water. Then, commercials fans work in conjunction with dehumidifiers to completely dry the affected area. But don’t worry, there are some things you can do to help.

  1. Act fast: As soon as you notice water damage, call ServiceMaster of Baltimore, your Baltimore Water Damage Company! ServiceMaster of Baltimore has over 57 years of experience helping Baltimore, Maryland business owners and homeowners with all of their water damage restoration needs. Let us help you too! We maintain a high standard of morals, values, and customer service and aim to restore your property as quickly as possible.
  2. Documentation: Take pictures of the damage and call your insurance agency to file a claim.
  3. Clear the area: Next, clear the affected area of any furniture or important materials, such as paintings or documents. However, if the source of the water damage is a broken sewer pipe or backed up toilet, you should leave the affected area alone.
  4. Let ServiceMaster of Baltimore do what we do best!

If you have any questions about Baltimore Water Damage Restoration, please contact ServiceMaster of Baltimore by calling 866-780-1700 or click here today! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter as well!

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