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When do I need a Professional Water Damage Restoration Company?

Water Damage RestorationThe Answer: Whenever water damage is present.

Minimal water damage can be disastrous for your home. Even if you think the situation is minor and that you can handle the situation yourself, it is best to enlist the help of a professional water damage restoration company. Between magazines, television shows, and, of course, the Internet, more and more homeowners are jumping on the do-it-yourself bandwagon for everything from home repair to interior decorating. However, there are certain things that should be left to the professionals, like Water Damage Restoration.

Professional Water Damage Restoration

  1. Restoration Experience: First and foremost, professionals are professionals for a reason. They have dealt with water damage restoration of all severities before. A professional company will know how to quickly and efficiently remedy your specific situation, something that may not be inherently obvious to a novice.
  2. Water Damage Restoration Equipment: When it comes to water extraction, consumer-grade equipment is just not enough to get the job done properly. Professional water damage restoration companies have specialized equipment to ensure full water extraction. The same goes for drying and dehumidification.
  3. Mold Growth Potential: A professional water damage restoration company will know how to handle mold growth and ensure that mold growth does not spread to other parts of your home or return in the future.
  4. Health Hazards: Depending on the source of the water damage, attempting a DIY restoration could put you at risk. If you do not know the origin of the water intrusion, or if you do know the origin and it is category two or three, stay away! Category one (clean water) refers to water damage that does not contain any contaminants. Category two (grey water) refers to water damage that contains a significant degree of chemical, biological or physical contaminants, and category three (black water) has come into contact with fecal matter, a haven for harmful bacteria and disease-causing pathogens.
  5. And More!

Water damage can be extremely difficult to deal with. Let the Baltimore water damage restoration professionals at ServiceMaster of Baltimore help you. With over 57 years of experience, we have the experience and the equipment to get the job done right!

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