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Toss the Tree Before Mold Appears


Is that beautiful tree bringing mold into your home?

Now that Santa has been down your chimney (and hopefully back out again), it’s time to wind down from Christmas and the holiday season and prepare for the new year. As part of your preparations, you should ensure that you get rid of any possible mold-makers in your home and avoid a costly new year’s mold remediation project.

Does Your Tree Have Mold?

It is almost certain that your Christmas tree has mold if it came from the outside world into your home, unfortunately. According to a recent research study, the mold count from a live Christmas tree rose to a whopping five times the normal amount of mold only two weeks after being brought indoors. As many people get live Christmas trees 2-3 weeks before Christmas, your tree is already full of mold! You might have noticed it without realizing it if you have a mold allergy and have been congested or sneezing more than usual. Experts recommend that people with mold allergies only keep trees in their home for 4-7 days to prevent the spores from multiplying and leading to rhinitis.

Why Is Mold a Big Deal?

Mold spores might seem like a minor problem, but they can negatively impact your home very quickly if you aren’t careful. Mold can lead to hypersensitivity if you have asthma or a mold allergy. Mold spores can take root in your home and combine with any water damage to create an infestation requiring mold remediation. Unless you hire a professional to do the job, spores can be left behind and grow right back. While not all types of mold are extremely dangerous, none of them are good for you to breathe in!

How Can You Keep Your Home Mold Free?

Just like with most things, the best way to prevent needing mold remediation is to stop mold from growing in the first place. If you have any water damage or plants (like Christmas trees) contributing to the mold in your home, take care of the problem as quickly as possible before it can multiply.

Ready for Expert Mold Remediation from Professionals You Can Trust?

If you are ready to get a professional expert to restore your property from the effects of mold, contact ServiceMaster of Baltimore, a skilled company that serves the Baltimore area with 24/7 availability for all of your emergencies. We have served the area for almost 60 years with excellent customer service, peerless skill, and a smile. Whenever you call, we promise to have a skilled and trained technician at your property within mere hours of your call. For more information and to get a quote, give us a call at 866-780-1700 or visit us online. For more tips, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.

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