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Some Sneaky Signs of Water Damage

signs of water damage

Don’t get caught in high water! Learn to recognize some sneaky signs of water damage.

Water damage doesn’t always mean a puddle of water or a drip from your ceiling. As if water damage wasn’t already enough of a pain, it sometimes likes to hide from you, getting subtly worse until it finally decides to announce its presence. Unfortunately that announcement can come along with a hefty repair bill for water damage you didn’t know you had. That’s why we’re writing this week — to make you aware of some of the sneakier signs of water damage to look out for.

Paint Problems

If your paint starts to bubble, blister, peel, or chip, that’s one of the easier sneaky signs of water damage to identify. The same goes for loose or peeling wallpaper. This means that the adhesive quality of the paint or wallpaper are being worn down or diluted by water. Time to start looking for that leak.

Cracked Caulk

Sinks: Whether in the bathroom or the kitchen, deteriorating caulk around the base of your sink faucet and detached or loose hardware is another one of our sneaky signs of water damage. You may not realize that your sink is leaking until you have a big, moist, potentially mildewy mess underneath your sink.

Windows: Cracked caulk around your windows is likely an indication that your window frames and/or home siding isn’t as waterproof as it needs to be. If either your windows or your walls are absorbing moisture, they can expand, creating significant problems as the problem worsens.

Damp Doors

Speaking of water absorption, windows aren’t the only piece of your home that are likely to swell with water damage. If you’re noticing that your doors (or windows, for that matter) are becoming increasingly difficult to open or close, that could be a result of them taking on water like a sponge. Wood windows and doors are clearly the most susceptible to this sneaky sign of water damage.

Faulty Foundation

Many homeowners probably don’t give their foundation a second thought. Even if there is a big ol’ crack, most might just think “eh, concrete is tough and that’s a lot of concrete, I’m sure everything is fine.” If your foundation is cracked, everything is most definitely not fine. It’s the foundation of your home! Any amount of cracking should be a concern. In the conversation of sneaky signs of water damage, cracked foundation could be a result of water seeping in. This could likely be a result of improper drainage from gutters and downspouts, among other sources.

Nasal Notifications

Eventually, water damage will start to emit a musty, mildewy smell, not dissimilar to wet diapers. Additionally, mold spores may be causing congestion and trouble breathing. Listen to your nose if you suspect water damage — it’s always better to be safe with an inspection than sorry with a watery headache.

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Hopefully you have found our blog, “Some Sneaky Signs of Water Damage,” informative and helpful. Continue to check back weekly for more helpful tips.


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