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Sneaky Sources of Water Damage: Trees

Sources of water damage

What you see above ground is about the same size as what you can’t see underneath.

Last Friday we celebrated Earth Day with some environmentally friendly cleaning, and this week we get to celebrate a little bit more! This coming Friday, April 29th, is Arbor Day — a day to plant a tree, hug a tree, and appreciate a tree. At ServiceMaster, we’re all about celebrating trees. That being said, those outstanding oaks, beautiful birches, magnificent maples, and wonderful willows in your yard could cause you a whole world of grief when they end up being sources of water damage to your home.

How Trees Can Be Sources of Water Damage

Trees are so great for the environment, they couldn’t possibly want to hurt us, right? Unfortunately, it’s the nature of the beast. As trees grow, their roots grow and spread throughout the soil in your yard. As they do so, it’s entirely likely that those roots could damage the infrastructure of your home. Whether it’s in penetrating your foundation or restricting underground pipe systems, root growth is quite the sneaky source of water damage. But you love trees! So what is there to be done?

Preventing Water Damage from Trees

Luckily, trees are not an unstoppable force. If your home is being built as we speak, talk to your contractor about installing root barriers and/or planting trees at safe distances from your home. Your trees will still be able to develop a healthy root system, but the likelihood of damage will be greatly decreased. As far as pipes go, aim for the fewest number of twists and turns and proper elevation to reduce potential harm from root invasion.

Correcting Root Invasion

If we’re too late in conveying this message, here’s how you can move toward reversing the damage. If roots penetrate or otherwise damage your foundation, there will unfortunately have to be fairly extensive excavation done to correct the problem. For pipes, you might not even notice a problem until a blockage occurs. Once discovered, there are several different methods of pipe inspection that can take place. Once that’s done, a more specific recommendation can be made.

Other Sources of Water Damage from Trees

Root invasion isn’t the only potential source of water damage from our leafy green friends. Large limbs can create holes in your home for rainwater to sneak through, and smaller limbs or leaf debris can break down and clog gutters and downspouts. Remember to occasionally check your roof for more sources of water damage.

Happy Arbor Day to all those trees out there, but you keep your roots away from our houses! Stay tuned to our blog for more sneaky sources of water damage in coming weeks.

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Hopefully you have found our blog, “Sneaky Sources of Water Damage: Trees,” informative and helpful. Continue to check back weekly for more helpful tips.

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