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We at ServiceMaster of Baltimore would like to share information to help you enhance preventive protocols for your office.

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Preventing Water Damage from Leaky Roofs and Busted Pipes

Preventing Water DamageYou wake up one morning to find areas of your home saturated with water. Oh no! Your carpet, your furniture, your ceiling, and more are ruined. You are concerned with figuring out what happened. The most common forms of water damage are leaky roofs and busted pipes. The good news is that both roof leaks and busted pipes can be prevented. You just have to know where to start.

Preventing Water Damage from Leaky Roofs and Busted Pipes

  1. Leaky Roofs: To prevent roof leaks, it is important to have your roof inspected annually. If the inspector finds anything wrong, it is crucial that you have the damage repaired as soon as possible. This will not only prevent the damage from worsening, but could be the difference between a dry home and one that is saturated with two inches of water or more. Of course, you can also conduct visual inspections on your own after any major storm. Look for missing or damaged shingles or any other signs of damage.
  2. Leaky Pipes: Turn off all of the appliances in your home that use water and then go outside and take a look at your water meter. Record the reading. Leave the appliances off for an hour or so and go back outside to check the meter. If the reading has changed, it is possible that you could have a leak. Call a plumber and have your home inspected immediately. A leaky pipe is just a disaster waiting to happen.

While we hope a disaster never occurs to you, ServiceMaster of Baltimore is ready to help. And with over 57 years of experience in the industry, ServiceMaster of Baltimore are experts in water damage restoration. We are committed to providing excellent work, exceptional customer service, and above all, peace of mind.

If you have any questions about Preventing Water Damage, please contact ServiceMaster of Baltimore by calling 866-780-1700 or click here today! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter as well!

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