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We at ServiceMaster of Baltimore would like to share information to help you enhance preventive protocols for your office.

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How to Prevent Home Water Damage


ice in guttersWater is the number one culprit when it comes to weakening of your homes foundation. Left untreated water damage will weaken the core strength of the houses foundation. Water can be the catalyst to structural damage, as water dampens wood, which can lead to termites, mold, and mildew.

Fortunately there are some preventive measures you can put into place to help give you peace of mind. The three main areas are; check water leaks and fix them, check your sump pump regularly, and check your gutter to ensure proper drainage.

Check for Leaks and Fix Them

This is quite easy. First check your roof yearly for any loose, missing and/or damaged shingles. Repair these and any cracked caulk. Don’t forget the check for leaks around flashing.  Check your plumbing for any water drips, dark spots on pipes, and stains on the ceiling. All are indications of a possible water problem.

Check Your Sump Pump

If you think about the function of your sump pump, its purpose is to remove water that has accumulated in your sump basin. When a storm hits, this is where its operation is critical. This is not the time to find out it is not working. To test your sump pump, pour water into it and watch for the float to rise (just like the float in a toilet), the rising float should trigger the sump pump. It is then important to make sure the water level falls. If you have a backup sump pump, it is tested the same way, except, unplug your primary sump pump first.

Ensure Good Gutter Drainage

We first talked about the problems that can be caused by poor water drainage, but how do you ensure you have good drainage? First always check your gutters periodically to make sure there is nothing impeding the flow of water. Second, your downspout should direct water 5 to 10 feet away from the house. If this is not the case a simple extension on your gutter will fix this problem. In summer months do let your soil get too dry. A heavy rainfall with make hard soil expands, causing pressure on your foundation, plus runoff can pool around your foundation.

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