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Locating Water Damage: Tips from a Baltimore Water Damage Restoration Firm

As a homeowner, there are two words that you never want to hear: Water Damage. However, there is one thing worse than water damage…hidden water damage! Water damage can be dealt with quickly, minimizing damage. Hidden water damage, on the other hand, can go unnoticed for weeks, if not longer, before finally being discovered. At this point, the damage has been done and restoration costs may have increased dramatically. Because of this, it is important to be on the lookout for the warning signs of water damage.

Warning Signs of Water Damage

1. Exterior Inspection: First, check the exterior of your home, looking for any obvious warning signs of water damage. Are there any damaged or missing shingles? This could be allowing water to infiltrate your attic. Are your gutters overflowing? This could mean they are clogged and allowing water to back up under your shingles. Is there water pooling around your foundation? This means that your drainage is not working properly and water could be finding its way into your basement.

2. Read the Water Meter: If you notice any sudden spikes in water usage or a spike in your water bill, these could be sure signs of a leaky pipe. You can test this by shutting off the water supply and checking the reading a few hours apart. If there is a variation in the reading, a leak is almost certainly the culprit.

3. Floor Stains: If you notice any staining or discoloration on your wooden or laminate floors, this could be a sure sign of water damage.

4. Door and Window Frames: Similarly with flooring, if you notice any staining or discoloration on your window and door frames, these may be signs of water damage. In fact, broken window seals are one of the most common causes of slowly developing water damage.

Did you find any Water Damage? If so, call ServiceMaster of Baltimore!

There are so many factors to consider in a crisis such as water and flood damage. Let the Baltimore water damage restoration professionals at ServiceMaster of Baltimore help you. With over 57 years of experience, we know how to get the job done right!

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