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Lesser-Known Water Damage Culprit: Ice Dams

Sometimes the culprits of water damage aren’t as easily spotted as you may think. Or, sometimes people only know about the major causes of water damage, such as flooding or burst pipes. However, the lesser-known causes can cause costly damage as

This time of year, one of the lesser-known water damage culprits you should look out for is ice dams. Not sure what ice dams are, or how they can cause water damage? We’ll cover what they are, and what to look out for.

What are ice dams?

Ice dams form in your gutters, and sometimes in your roofing. They are the result of uneven roof surface temperatures. Where the roof is warmer, ice and snow melts and runs to parts of the gutter and roof that aren’t as warm, and then freeze again. Ice dams then block the flow of water behind it, causing that water in warmer parts to sit and trickle into your roof covering and attic, causing water damage.

What to look out for

If your roof has uneven surface temperature, caused by air leaks or poor insulation allowing the home’s warm air to raise the temperature of the roof, there are a few things you can look out for. One is patches on your roof that snow has nearly entirely melted, when other areas still have plenty of snow. These bare patches are the warmer parts, causing the snow and ice to melt and form ice dams and/or sitting water.

Another thing to look out for is icicles. If water is pooling behind ice dams, it may leak out of the gutters in addition to leaking into your home, forming icicles. If your gutter is not blocked by ice dams, you should have little to no icicles since the melting ice and snow would have a clear path to drain.

Suffering water damage from ice dams?

If you notice ice dams around your roof and gutters, you could already have water damage. From the first signs of ice dams, make sure you call a professional to assess possible water damage.

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Hopefully you have found our blog, “Lesser-Known Water Damage Culprit: Ice Dams” informative and helpful. Continue to check back weekly for more helpful tips.

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