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How to Know if Your Carpet Needs a Professional Cleaning

How to Know if Your Carpet Needs a Professional Cleaning

Rather than trying to stick to a schedule, here are five ways to know it’s time to get your carpet professionally cleaned.

If you have carpeting in your home, you’re probably wondering how often you’re “supposed” to get it professionally cleaned. Life would be easier if there was a hard and fast rule about this, but there isn’t. If we’re talking about the carpets in a spare room that hardly ever sees any foot traffic, you could possibly go as long as 2 years without needing a professional carpet cleaning. But in the main room that sees daily traffic, including kid feet and pet paws, you may need to clean the carpets every 6 months. Rather than trying to stick to a schedule, here are five ways to know it’s time to get your carpet professionally cleaned.

A Pungent Odor

Stains and pet accidents can leave lingering smells in your carpets, even after you think you’ve thoroughly cleaned them up. If you have a persistent odor in your home that you can’t get rid of, consider professionally cleaning your carpets. On the other hand, sometimes the odors slowly release over months and sometimes years, and we become ‘nose-blind’ to them. Ask a friend to tell you truthfully if your house has a weird smell, and if so get the carpets cleaned.

It’s Stained

Old stains are often easier to notice than old smells. When something stains your carpet, it can become set-in if you don’t clean it right away or you use the wrong methods or cleaners. Professional carpet cleaning can help lighten or even totally remove old set-in stains.

It Has Changed Color

Over time, your carpet can become discolored when dirt and dust build up in the fibers. Rather than a stained area, this is an all-over discoloration of your carpet. Getting your carpet professionally cleaned will help remove the old ground-in dust that is discoloring it.

Your Allergies Are Acting Up

Carpets are the ideal hiding place for all sorts of allergens: pollen, pet dander, dust, mold spores to name a few. They get embedded in the fibers of the carpeting and they can be hard to thoroughly remove. Even vacuuming doesn’t fully do the trick. So if someone in your house is noticing that their indoor allergies are acting up, consider that it may be time to get the carpets professionally cleaned to get rid of those allergens.

Your Warranty Requires It

Finally, if your carpeting has a warranty, you need to check it and see if it requires professional cleaning and how often. Often, the warranty will require a cleaning every 12 or 18 months, otherwise, your warranty is voided and they don’t have to cover any damages.

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