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How To Remove Smoke Odor From Your Home

Follow these simple step to get rid of smoke odor from your home.

Follow these simple step to get rid of smoke odor from your home.

Whether you left the stove on for too long or someone decided a light up a cigarette, smoke can linger in your home and create an unpleasant smell.  The smell of smoke can stick to the walls of your home and even to your living room furniture.  Removing smoke from your home requires patience, and you might have to clean your entire living space. If you and your family are attempting to clean-up in the aftermath of a more widespread house fire, it is best to leave this job to a professional company like ServiceMaster of Baltimore, to handle the repairs to ensure they’re done right. There are a few simple ways to have your home smelling fresh again.

Keep The Air Flowing

When starting the deodorizing process, it is crucial to have the maximum amount of air circulation throughout your home.  Smoke can get into areas of your home you cannot reach, so you should invest in a large industrial fan to get rid of the disgusting stench from your home.  Open all windows and doors and place a fan in areas of your home that do not have good air flow.  You can also place the fan facing a doorway or a window to have stale air leave quickly.  Make sure to air out your home on a cool, dry day because humidity can make your place smell worse.  

Wash Clothing and Fabrics

Smoke can cling to any fabric, so it is important to wash all of your clothes, rugs, drapes, etc. that were exposed to the smoke.  You should wash an item regardless if you can smell smoke because you might have gone noseblind to the smell.  You might have to wash clothes and other items a few times to successfully get rid of the smoke stench.  Store clean clothing outside your home until your place is completely free of the smell.  

Don’t Forget the Carpet

Cleaning your carpet is crucial in removing the smell of smoke from your home.  Wash your carpet with shampoo or with a strong carpet cleaning product.  After washing your carpet, sprinkle the entire area with baking soda because it will absorb the smoke smell and any moisture.  Vacuum your carpet to remove the baking soda.  You can repeat this process until the smell disappears from your home.  

Need Help With A Stained Carpet?

ServiceMaster of Baltimore has expertise and knowledge of the most innovative solutions in the industry. We are Maryland’s most trusted name in cleaning and restoration services because our team will do everything possible to reduce your loss and preserve your property.  Call your local Baltimore cleaning service company: ServiceMaster of Baltimore of Baltimore. We have certified licensed restoration technicians on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Stained carpets might seem hopeless, but our service will prove otherwise. Click Here to request an estimate today!

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