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We at ServiceMaster of Baltimore would like to share information to help you enhance preventive protocols for your office.

We also want you to know that we are qualified and equipped with the required protocols and can perform precautionary and post exposure cleaning for the COVID-19 Virus. Please call us if we can be of service.

How to Prevent Mold During Winter

mold remediation baltimore mdMold is, unfortunately, a year-round problem. Although it thrives in warm, humid environments in the warmer months, it never disappears completely when temperatures are below freezing. ServiceMaster of Baltimore offers mold remediation and removal services, but we’d rather help you avoid it in the first place! Learn more about preventing mold in winter so you can keep your home safe for you and your family.

Does Mold Spread During Winter?

Mold is a fungus that spreads via spores that attach to moisture in the air. Because it is airborne, it’s hard to control once it starts spreading. Mold spreads quickly when the air is warm and moist, because there is more moisture in the air for the spores to stick to. However, there is still some moisture in cold, dry air, making the mold appear dormant. Areas where moisture condenses, like on a window or in a heated room, is a breeding ground for potential mold.

Did you know that Christmas trees are often a source of indoor mold? Both live and artificial trees can have mold, but live trees are more of a risk. Tree mold is a common allergen, and when a live tree is cut and brought inside, those spores react with the warmth and condensation in your home and spread rapidly. Artificial trees can collect dust in a humid storage area, like an attic or basement, which can create mold.

Prevent Mold in the Winter

Many people use humidifiers in the winter to combat the cold, dry air indoors. If you use one, ensure the humidity levels in your home stay below 45% to discourage mold spore spread. Keep the humidifier clean and always watch for mildew collecting in the water reservoir.

Your basement might feel even more cold and dark during the winter, but it’s important to check it regularly for possible mold growth. If you notice moisture collecting anywhere, dry it promptly and try to identify the underlying cause. Pipes can sometimes be a source of condensation, which can potentially harbor mold spores. Pulling items out of storage, like Christmas decorations, can disturb dormant mold and dust particles, so it’s important to monitor your storage areas for potential problems.

ServiceMaster of Baltimore Mold Remediation

Mold can cause serious health problems for people with asthma and even people who don’t normally have allergies. If you’re dealing with the effects of a winter mold problem, don’t wait. Call ServiceMaster of Baltimore at 410-780-1700 today!

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