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How To Deal With A Toilet Backup

There are plenty of strategies you can use to fix your toilet backup and restore your home’s plumbing.

Imagine you have just rented your first apartment. You finally have a home to call your own, and then only a week later, you have the misfortune of staring down a clogged toilet. You think nothing of it until your plumbing attempts prove ineffective.

While this may sound embarrassing, it’s more common a scenario than you realize. A toilet backup is one of the most common problems renters face. There are plenty of strategies you can use to fix your toilet backup and restore your home’s plumbing.

The Plunger Method

Using a plunger is one of the most common and obvious manners of addressing toilet backup. Plungers use brute force to push through anything that gets lodged in the toilet. Heavy-duty plungers are recommended, ones that create the perfect seal over your toilet hole. Place the rubber end into the bowl, make sure it is sealed over the hole by pressing out air, then give it a couple of pushes. This pushes and pulls water and air into the pipe, forcefully enough that whatever was causing the toilet backup will be dislodged. Be sure to turn off the water to the toilet before you start because if you don’t, an overflow from excess flushing could happen.

The Finesse Method

If plunging isn’t enough, there might be a bigger problem. Run your bathroom tub and sink and keep an ear open for distressed sounds in your pipes. If you hear unsettling noises, there could be a deeper water backup than you originally thought. If your toilet backup is this severe, you may want to make use of a toilet snake.

The tool may sound silly, but it does the job well. A toilet snake is gently placed inside the clogged drain and helps to nudge the object obstructing the hole. This tool is useful for clogs that are deeper into the curves of a toilet’s plumbing.

The Chemical Warfare Method

There are times when you’re going to have to use drastic measures. You should only use chemical drain cleaners in drastic situations. They are used to melt organic material that is too large to make it through the pipes on their own. These potent chemicals are toxic to the environment and can cause damage to your porcelain as well.

But if you must resort to chemical warfare to deal with your toilet backup, do it wisely. These products are highly dangerous if they get on your skin or into your eyes. Even smelling these chemicals could cause some nose damage. If you don’t feel comfortable handling these chemicals, ask for help from experts who are familiar with these chemicals.

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