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How Does Surface and Ground Water Get Into a Basement?

how does surface and ground water get into a basement

A leaky foundation is a common reason for water to end up in your basement.

Waking up after a storm and finding a pool of water in your basement can be a frustrating thing, especially if you’ve already taken action to prevent it from happening. How exactly does surface and ground water get into a basement though? Here are a few common reasons you might find standing water in your basement after a big storm.

Poor Exterior Grading

If you live at the bottom of a hill or just get a lot of standing water in your yard, you need to consider the grade of your yard. A yard that slopes towards your house is going to carry all of that rain water right to your front door, and then underground where it can seep into your basement.

Lack of Adequate Gutters

Gutters that are broken, clogged, leaking or just not draining far enough away from the house can end up dumping tons of water right next to your home. The water doesn’t have to go far to soak the ground around your home, which is already more prone to saturation, and get inside.

Cracks in Foundation

Cracks in your foundation are like an open door for water to come through. Foundations that aren’t waterproof and have cracks can cause serious water damage since there’s no way to stop groundwater from coming in, especially after a big storm. The problem is, it can be hard to tell if your foundation is cracked and you might only find out after there’s already been water damage. This is when you need a water damage remediation company to help out before you can have your foundation inspected.

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