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We at ServiceMaster of Baltimore would like to share information to help you enhance preventive protocols for your office.

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Four Ways to Keep Fire Safety in Mind This Winter

Practice Fire Safety

Use these fire safety tips.

When it comes to fire safety and your home, vigilance is necessary all year long, but particularly in the winter. Winter comes with fires in the fireplace, candles, and baking; but all of these things can create significant fire hazards. This winter, it’s time to learn about the ways you can help keep your family and home safe from the risks of fire.

When Cooking

After the temperature has dropped for the season cooking up a homemade meal is something that is far more fun, but with cooking comes plenty of fire risks. Before you begin to cook, and during the entire process, keep an eye out for any flammable items that might get into the path of the burner. Food packaging, wooden utensils, kitchen towels, and all paper products should be kept well away from any burners. Additionally, be sure that the stovetop is always under watch and the oven is regularly supervised. Children should always be kept away from the cooking area and away from any areas where hot beverages and food are being carried to prevent accidents.

When Heating Your Home

Heating is often an area where the most significant risks are ones that aren’t expected. While most homeowners know that fireplaces need glass or mesh barriers and that flammable object shouldn’t be placed on top of radiators they neglect other risks. Keeping chimneys and heating vents clean, for instance, are two specific areas where homeowners must be proactive. Dirty chimneys and vents can lead to hazardous conditions. Lastly, space heaters are often the source of serious misuse. Not only should they never be left unattended, but they should only be used for short periods and not in range of anything flammable.

When Using Candles

Candles are a source of very obvious fire risk, but many fail to give them enough attention. When using a candle make sure that it is not in range of anything flammable, particularly paper. When possible, it’s best only to use a candle if you are in the room. Never leave a candle burning while asleep and ensure that any candles, matches, and lighters are kept out of the hands of children.


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