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Common Mold Myths

mold myths

Bleach might clean just about everything else, but it’s not very effective on mold.

Mold, every homeowner’s worst nightmare. It’s bad for your home and it’s bad for your health. Everyone knows a little about mold, but there’s plenty of incorrect information floating around out there on the internet. We have three common mold myths you should look out for if you’re dealing with mold in your home.

Bleach Will Do the Trick

The reason mold usually shows up in the places it does after water damage, carpets, walls, and ceilings, is because these surfaces are porous and retain moisture. This is a problem for two reasons. First, bleach is really only effective on hard, non-porous surfaces since it isn’t made to soak in. Second, mold is made to soak in, meaning that mold spores spread roots into a porous surface. Therefore, using a cleaner that doesn’t soak in won’t be able to reach the mold at its roots. Bleach may kill visible mold on the surface, but it can totally eradicate it.

Only Black Mold is Dangerous

While black mold is the mold people most associate with being dangerous, all mold can cause allergic reactions and respiratory problems. Don’t think that just because your mold isn’t black it can’t hurt you. Hire a mold remediation company to completely remove any mold you find in your home.

Mold is the Worst Water Damage Can Do

Sure mold is dangerous, but so is a house that’s structural integrity has been compromised by water damage. Dry wall can be completely destroyed, baseboards can warp, floors can soften, and ceilings can get so weak they start to crumble. It’s important to get professional help as soon as water damage occurs.

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Hopefully you have found our blog, “Common Mold Myths,” informative and helpful. Continue to check back weekly for more helpful tips.

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