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Category 3 Water Damage: Black Water is as Dangerous as it Sounds

Dealing with black water may sound intimidating, and it should. Highly contaminated water, also known as Category 3 Water Damage, is considered hazardous due to contaminants considered toxic to people. It may sound easy to detect from that description, but toxic water isn’t always obvious. There are many factors and risks which may cause the water in your home to become dangerously contaminated, and when water reaches this level of toxicity, an experienced professional should be contacted immediately to safely remedy the situation. Continue reading to learn how to detect black water before it becomes a danger to you or your family.


If you have any signs of black water, call us immediately!

How Does Category 3 Water Damage Happen?

Before looking for signs of contaminated water, you should understand how contaminations of this level happen. Many times it’s an obvious cause such as a toilet overflow involving fecal matter, flooding, or even smelly sewer backup. Sometimes, however, water can be contaminated by chemicals or bacterial growth on stagnant water. Any warning signs should be investigated by a professional as a precaution when it comes to water damage, and severe issues such as flooding and overflow should be assessed immediately.


Am I a Victim of Black Water?

Many times, water contamination on the Category 3 level is obvious when it comes to smell or appearance. Any questionable water should not be tasted, as water damage of this level is very toxic to people. Stagnant water which cannot safely be drained is likely contaminated and will require the help of a professional to handle bacteria-infested water. Any discolored water, and/or water with a rotten or chemical smell should also be reported to an experienced company as soon as possible to determine if the water is a threat. Even if you’re not sure the water is toxic, it is better to have a professional check than to risk the health hazards of contamination.


What If I Suspect Black Water Contamination in My Home?

Water damage of this extent is a dreaded fear that many hope they will never have to deal with. In the event it occurs, a professional must be involved to safely handle the situation. Attempting to remove or drain highly contaminated water can result in illness, injury, or even death. Beyond obvious health risks, the cause behind black water in your home may not be easily detected by an untrained individual. It’s better to consult an experienced company than to risk costly damage and illness, and professionals will complete the job quicker.


If You Suspect Your Water is Toxic, Contact ServiceMaster of Baltimore Immediately!

We have the experienced staff and necessary tools to safely assess the extent of your water damage, and get the problem fixed quickly and correctly. Contact us at the first sign of water contamination, and we will ensure black water doesn’t invade your home. Time is an important factor in dealing with contaminated water, and ensuring your safety is our top priority! Call 866-780-1700 for more information and an estimate.

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