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Can Mold Cause Structural Damage To Your Home?

In this article, we will go over what mold is, how it forms, and what steps you should take if you ever find structural damage in your home.

Any homeowner is going to want to familiarize themselves with the dangers that mold can pose on their home. It is never a good thing to have in a home, but the unfortunate truth is that over half of the homes in the United States will have to deal with mold problems at some point. Mold is a danger to the home as well as anyone living there. Being exposed to moldy environments can cause congestion, coughing, asthma, and irritation of the throat, eyes, and skin. You don’t want any of that in your home, so it is important to understand how to prevent it from ever reaching your home. In this article, we will go over what mold is, how it forms, and what steps you should take if you ever find structural damage in your home.

What is Mold?

Mold is a type of fungus that attaches itself to materials like wood, fabric, cardboard, and paper. But it only thrives on organic materials, so surfaces such as glass, metal, or concrete won’t be affected very much. There are hundreds of different types, which grow both inside and outside of houses. Not all types are bad though. As it turns out, most people are exposed to some type of mold on a daily basis. The kind that demands attention is the kind that grows in poorly-lit and moist environments.

How Does Mold Hurt My Home?

Homes are full of organic materials on which mold loves to feed. Furniture, carpets, and shelves are just some of the objects in your home that are at risk for damage from water damage. It can even grow in ventilation systems such as heaters and air conditioners, which is very dangerous for your health, as this can cause respiratory issues due to bad air quality. Make sure you clean out your air ducts and filters regularly. It can even seep into walls, ceilings, floorboards, and tiles as well, which threaten the very foundation of your home. If you see any on an item that is movable, be sure to move and replace it immediately. Mold is capable of spreading to others surfaces, so leaving a moldy item in your home is a liability for having other items in your home plagued by the moldy touch. However, getting it out of your home can be a tougher process than you think. It can grow and spread so you have to make sure you remove the mold completely, or it will come back. If the problem isn’t properly addressed when it’s spotted, it can deal significant damage to your home.

Repairing Mold Damage

There are so many threats water damage has on you and your home, from health issues to structural damage. Taking these into account, it’s important that you remove mold from your home as soon as possible. But sometimes, this can get tricky. When trying to remove a moldy object from your home, it can easily fall off the object your moving, and latch onto another surface, at which point it will begin spreading all over again. That’s not what you want to happen, and so we recommend getting professional help when addressing concerns that have to do with water damage. In cases where the problem is addressed early before it spreads too much, it can be easier to remove, so spotting it early and dealing with it is the best course of action. However, if the mold has spread, it can be almost impossible to do without the help of a professional. Removing larger amounts of mold requires extreme caution, to ensure no more damage comes to you or your home.

Who Can Help Me Remove Mold From My Home?

Repairing damage is a serious job. Repairs demand your immediate attention. The longer you wait, the more sever the problem will become, posing an even greater threat to your home and everyone living there, not to mention the additional costs as the problem grows. Take precautions to protect your home, and protect your loved ones, by contacting us today. All necessary measures will be taken to ensure it will not spread anywhere else in your home. You deserve to live in a clean home, safe from the dangers of water damage, and your safety will be priority number one. ServiceMaster’s experts of 60 years can handle all of the mold and the damage from that mold in the safest manner possible.

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