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Basement Flooding Restoration and Cleanup Tips

basement flooding restoration baltimore mdThere are so many factors to consider in a crisis such as water and flood damage in the basement, but don’t worry — we’re here to help! With over 60 years of experience in helping individuals and families like you with basement flood restoration, ServiceMaster of Baltimore is the best choice for the job. Let’s discuss what to do when you notice a flood and how to clean up the water damage in the basement.

First Things to Do After Basement Flooding

When you notice a basement flood, it’s important to act quickly, but safely. Shut off the power to the basement, as water can cause electrical fires or serious electrical shock.

Next, you’ll need to determine the cause and stop the flow of water into the area. This can become difficult if the flood is a result of a power outage from a natural disaster, especially if the sump pump is overflowing. You may need to wait until the weather event is over before you are able to stop the water flow.

Other causes of basement flooding include a cracked foundation, sewer blockages, or even large puddles around the house. If you’re dealing with deep water, contamination, or cannot determine the cause, it’s time to call a professional for emergency basement flooding repairs.

How Can I Start Basement Flooding Restoration?

Quick action to stop the flow of water into the home is only the first step. To ensure minimal loss as a result of water damage, you’ll need to act quickly to save items in the affected area.

  • Lift up curtains or upholstered items to prevent them from getting wet.
  • Move everything out of the area, even waterproof items, to facilitate drying and cleaning.
  • Discard anything that has come into contact with contaminated rainwater or sewage or that has been completely destroyed by the water.
  • Prevent mold and mildew growth by thoroughly drying the area and ensuring no water comes into contact with the HVAC system, which can contaminate your entire home with pathogens from rainwater or sewage.
  • In case of large losses, contact your insurance company and document the lost items and expected repairs.

Call the Professionals at ServiceMaster of Baltimore

Basement flood restoration can be challenging for even the most talented DIY-ers. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or there’s a possibility of contaminated water, don’t wait to call the professionals. Our technicians are on-call 24/7, 365 days a year. Please give us a call at 410-780-1700 for basement flood restoration from a dedicated team you can trust.

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