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6 Places You Might Find Hidden Mold


Mold Removal

Removing mold can be difficult, but first you need to know where to look.

Mold is both hazardous and dangerous. It can creep up your bathroom tiles or turn your basement into its home, but there are a few places you may not even suspect mold to be. These nefarious spots might be where mold has set up camp in your home without you even realizing. Here are six places you should double check for mold and exterminate any intruders.

Window Sills

Few people think to check their window sills for mold. Thanks to condensation, window sills can be exposed to tons of mold. Combine that with poor air circulation and you’ve got yourself a mold problem. Make sure you wipe your windows down periodically and clean out window tracks to prevent dirt from building up, otherwise the problem could get out of hand and require serious mold removal.

Fridge Dip Pans

If you have a refrigerator that uses a drip pan, make sure you clean it regularly. It’s out of the way and rarely actually seen, but these hidden spots get a lot of moisture build up and almost no circulation. It can get especially bad if food builds up; you’ll have mold guaranteed.


Most of us don’t check behind our wallpaper until we’re getting rid of it. If you begin removing your wallpaper and notice mold, the problem might be severe. Call a professional for mold removal and don’t risk the health of you and your family.


Your attic may have been relegated to “that spot where you shove Christmas decorations during off-seasons,” but they can be a dangerous growing ground for mold. Check after storms especially, if your roof has a leak it mean you need professional mold removal.

Air Conditioners

Air conditioners are tricky because if you left the unit sit for too long without use, it may develop mold. If you think your unit has mold, remove it and let a professional clean it with a water and bleach solution.

ServiceMaster of Baltimore’s Mold Removal Services

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