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We at ServiceMaster of Baltimore would like to share information to help you enhance preventive protocols for your office.

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5 Home Appliances That Need Regular Maintenance

servicemaster of baltimoreHome appliances are an investment, and many modern appliances have features built in to make it easy to maintain them. To keep them running smoothly, prevent hazards, and protect your investment, don’t forget to perform regular maintenance on these 5 home appliances. ServiceMaster of Baltimore is here to help you keep your home safe and healthy!

1. Clean Your Dryer Exhaust Regularly

Even if you diligently clean out the lint trap in your dryer after every use, lint still escapes through the dryer exhaust vent. Moisture in the air will cause the lint to solidify and build up in the dryer exhaust, which poses a fire hazard. The exhaust itself needs to be cleaned every few years by a professional, but you can clean the dryer and the area around it with a cloth and a vacuum at least annually.

2. Maintain Washing Machine Hoses

Most washers are designed to last a long time with little maintenance, but it is a good idea to check the water line connections to make sure there are no leaks. Over-tightening the water line to the washer can increase the chance of a leak, and you’ll want to make sure there is no water escaping anywhere else on the machine. It’s better to catch a leak early before it turns into a huge problem.

3. Defrost Your Deep Freezer

Is there a wall of ice building up on the sides and bottom of your freezer? If so, it’s time to defrost it. The reason frost builds up inside the freezer is from warm air entering the freezer, condensing, and then re-freezing. This can cause the freezer to work less efficiently and take up valuable storage space. To defrost your freezer, first check if the freezer has a defrost setting, which will take care of the problem automatically. If not, remove all of the food, turn off the freezer, and let the ice melt and dry it out. Once it’s finished, turn the freezer back on and replace the items.

4. Clean Your Oven to Prevent Fires

Cleaning the oven is one of the most dreaded tasks on spring cleaning lists, but it’s very important to reduce your risk of kitchen fires. Removing the charred food, caked-on oil, and other debris from the bottom and sides of the oven will also reduce the odor coming from the oven and keep it running in peak condition. While cleaning the oven, whether manually or if you have a self-cleaning oven, you can also take the opportunity to clean underneath and around it to remove crumbs, dust, and anything that has rolled out of sight.

5. HVAC Annual Tune-Up

Do you have an expensive HVAC system or an oil furnace? It’s a good idea to get it professionally checked and tuned up annually. Many homeowners take care of this in the spring before switching from heat to air-conditioning, but those with an oil furnace often get it checked before the winter season. Either way, protect your investment and indoor air quality by getting your HVAC system maintained regularly.

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