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We at ServiceMaster of Baltimore would like to share information to help you enhance preventive protocols for your office.

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3 Tips to Prevent Mold In Your Home

Once you get mold there is no going back, so prevent it while you still can!

Once you get mold there is no going back, so prevent it while you still can!

There are several things that are unwanted in your home: mice, bugs, dirt and the worst of them all, mold.  This type of fungus grows naturally outdoors but if found indoors it can cause health issues and negatively impact the air quality.  Mold spread easily and can go undetected in unseen places in your home from inside walls to the backside of drywall.  Luckily preventing this issue is simple and relies on moisture control.

Drying is Key

Moisture causes mold so it is crucial to wipe up any spill or clean up flooding swiftly.  Mold can develop very rapidly, so it is important to not keep surfaces wet.  If there is a flood, remove any items that cannot be completely dried.  Make sure to not leave laundry sitting in the wash because mold can form if clothes sit too long.  Immediately transport them to a dryer or outside to hang dry.  In the bathroom, make sure to wipe the walls of your shower after each use.  Leaving water on the walls can lead to unnecessary mold.  

Proper Ventilation

Everyday activities like cooking, showering, and completing laundry can lead to mold growth.  Turning on your exhaust vents in high moisture areas like your kitchen and bathroom is crucial to prevention.  Make sure when you are venting appliances like stoves or dryers that the moisture goes outside.  So, keep windows open when completing activities like cooking.  Also running your ceiling fans supports proper ventilation throughout your home.

Check Humidity Levels

Keeping your house dry is essential to preventing mold and will keep your whole family safe.  You can measure the humidity in your home by purchasing a moisture meter from your local hardware store.  According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the humidity levels in your home should be between 30 and 60 percent.  An easy sign of excess humidity is condensation on the windows and walls.  If this occurs, dry the areas immediately and address the source.

Mold Remediation With Servicemaster of Baltimore

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