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3 Tips To Handle Water Damaged Carpet

carpet water damage

Act quickly when you carpet is water damaged.

It is the beginning of fall and storm season is already starting meaning your home is more susceptible to water damage.  If you happen to experience flooding from a storm, there is a good chance your water damage will impact your carpets No one wants to have water damaged carpets because that can lead to mold, so you have to know how to respond if water carpet damage occurs.   There are a few simple ways to care for your carpet after your home get flooded or experiences water damage.

Dry As Quickly As Possible

The key to preventing water damage in your home carpets is to dry them almost immediately after they are affected by flooding.  If you wait too treat your carpets, their structure can be permanently damaged, and mold can grow to cause you to spend money on a costly service.  The first step to drying your carpets is to use a wet/dry vacuum to soak up all the excess water.  This device can be rented or you can contact Servicemaster of Baltimore to vacuum your water damaged carpets for you.  You then must lift your carpet and remove the padding. Once you remove all the water, pulled the padding, use several high power fans and a dehumidifier to speed up the drying process.  These fans and dehumidifier need to be operated for several days to a week depending on the severity of the damage.  

Steam and Sanitize

It is crucial to properly steam all your water damaged carpets so they can be sanitized and deodorized.  After carpets experience water damage, their padding has to be replaced and your carpet restretched and kicked back which is much more affordable than having to re-carpet your whole home.  When caring for your carpets, you should not forget about the surrounding walls that were affected by the water damage.  Clean all the surrounding walls and surfaces with soap and water and then sanitize them with a bleach/water solution.

Check Furniture and Rugs

Look for any water damage on items that were placed on your carpets like furniture or rugs.  Water damage can be hidden easily under these items, so it is important to remove them and have them dried outside your home.  

Water Damage Recovery With ServiceMaster of Baltimore

If you’ve been hit by water damage, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We can help professionally restore any damaged areas. If you just have questions about disaster prevention, let us know too. Being properly prepared is essential for your safety and well-being.

Call your local Baltimore cleaning service company: ServiceMaster of Baltimore. We have certified licensed restoration technicians on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Stained carpets might seem hopeless, but our service will prove otherwise. Click Here to request an estimate today!


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