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3 Steps For Removing Mold-Related Odors From Your Home

removing mold-related odors from your homeIf you’re noticing a musty smell inside your home, it’s likely mold-related. Despite mold being present in our natural environment, it can be a hazardous problem if not dealt with immediately. A common effect of mold is its unpleasant odor, and the long-term effects of untreated mold can be detrimental to your family’s health. Below are three steps for removing mold-related odors from your home.

Find The Source

In order to remove the odor, you’ll need to find the source. This means checking the areas of your home that may have experienced excess moisture due to a flood or another type of water damage. Mold is easily identified as small black spots that grow into “colonies.” Common places for mold inside the home are the basement and bathrooms. Mold thrives in cold, dark places (such as a basement) and areas that experience high levels of moisture (such as a bathroom).

How To Clean The Mold

Once you’ve found the source, it’ll need to be cleaned. Keep in mind that because of the health risks associated with mold exposure, you’ll want to make sure you’re protected. Be sure to wear a mask and gloves. Additionally, mold can stick to your clothes and spread, so you’ll want to wear something that can either be thrown away afterward or immediately put into the wash. Note: if you choose to wash your clothes afterward, do so separately from other items.

Black mold can be cleaned by using a household cleaner. It’s a common misconception that bleach will work, but it just changes the color of the mold without actually treating it. Instead, a good cleaning product to use is borax, which can be found in the detergent or laundry aisle in your grocery store. Mix the borax with hot water for your cleaning solution.

Dry The Area

Of course, the final step in the process is to dry the surface. This can be done by ventilation, such as opening windows and using fans, or by use of dehumidifiers. If the area requires reconstruction or painting, be sure it’s completely dry first.

Mold Remediation With ServiceMaster of Baltimore

If you’re unable to find the source of the mold-related odor, or cleaning the area is a larger project than expected, your best bet is to hire a professional. The technicians at ServiceMaster of Baltimore use the most updated techniques in mold remediation, while working with homeowners, insurance adjusters, and industrial hygienists to provide full-service mold remediation.

Call ServiceMaster of Baltimore at 410-780-1700 to learn more about our services.


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