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We at ServiceMaster of Baltimore would like to share information to help you enhance preventive protocols for your office.

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3 Most Common House Fire Types

house fire smoke damage baltimoreDealing with a house fire is never something you want to deal with, but it’s still important to know how to handle them. Electrical fires, grease fires, and gas fires are the most common fire types in households, and you need to know how to put them out to protect your home. For a large, dangerous fire, you should immediately call 911, but some small blazes, such as from a greasy pan in the kitchen, can be quickly extinguished. ServiceMaster of Baltimore wants you to know how to handle these common house fire types to prevent damage to your home.

Kitchen Grease Fires

Many of us are familiar with grease fires and that water makes them worse. The key to putting out a grease fire is to starve it of oxygen. If the fire takes place in a pan, cover it with a lid and turn the heat off. Without oxygen, this type of fire will extinguish quickly. A home fire extinguisher will also put it out if the fire occurs and you are unable to cover it.

Electrical Fires

With all of the electronics in our lives nowadays, it’s not unthinkable that an electrical fire could happen in your home. Older homes in particular may not be equipped to handle a large electronic load and could be subject to faulty wiring or overloaded outlets. Electrical fires often take place in the walls where you cannot see them, which means you should call 911 immediately. If you do detect an electrical fire, do not attempt to put it out using water, as water conducts electricity. A fire extinguisher is your safest option for extinguishing an electrical fire before the fire department arrives.

Gas Fire

If your home uses gas as a source of energy for your heating system or stove, you’re probably familiar with the safety recommendations. Gas fires can lead to an explosion if the gas is left on, such as on the stove, or if there is a leak. Natural gas is odorless, which is why our local Baltimore gas companies add mercaptan as a safety scent to help you detect a gas leak. If you smell natural gas, exit the building immediately and call 911 or the gas company to determine the problem. And if you do end up with a gas fire, it’s important to turn off the gas source, but if you cannot do so safely, do not attempt to put it out yourself.

Fire and Smoke Damage Remediation from ServiceMaster of Baltimore

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